Edge of Darkness: Episode Five

Edge of Darkness: Episode Five "Facing Fears"

By Paige Tyler

  • Release Date: 2020-03-31
  • Genre: Paranormal


Episode Five:

Something wicked comes this way…
The ghost is coming for Presley today.

Logan Malone and Presley Kincaid finally catch a break when a bartender gives them the lead they've been hoping for. While they wait for information, Logan confides about his past to Presley, which helps break down the last barriers of doubt she's had. Both realize they've got something very special together, something neither want to end.

When the call comes in with the lead they've been hoping for, Logan and Presley head to the local funeral home…where else do you look for the dead?  What they find there is a paranormal investigator's worst nightmare—the stuff horror movies are made of. Will they be able to fight off the evil, or will Logan and Presley die before they get their happy ending?

This is Episode 5 of 5 in Edge of Darkness from the Paranormal Investigations Unlimited Series.